Joe Dickens and Andy Botz: The Mario Bros. of JKCinema
Classic point-and-click adventure!

Dickens' First Adventure

Classic point-and-click adventure game about a mental patient and his crippled side-kick.
Dickens' Second Adventure

The morbid sequel to Dickens' 1st. Joe kills his girlfriend and must get rid of all evidence.
Dickens' Last Adventure

The conclusion to the Dickens series. Dickens 3 is the definitive JKCinema RPG. Play it more than once, there's stuff hidden everywhere!

Psychic Stevie:
Everyone's favorite retarded psychic!

Psychic Stevie's Answers

The hatemail magnet. Type in questions about your future and a retarded kid answers them.
Psychic Stevie VS Ninja Ralph

If you love Psychic Stevie and Mortal Kombat you'll think this is ok. You get to make retards fight each other.
Psychic Stevie Hotline Parody

The nutty little retard parody that started all the Psychic Stevie madness. Definately one of my favs.

The Urban Legends Series

JKCinema Action Games
spill some blood

Run 'Em Down 2001

The 3-D-like sequel to 1998s Run 'Em Down which totally sucked dick. Run people over as you haul ass to the city.
Blow Up A Fat Guy

A very simple game, but also one of my favs. You set bombs to blow up a fat guy (JKCinema's mailman Fatty McFatso)
Kill The GAP Models

Remember those faggy fuckin' GAP commercials on TV where those zombies used to sing bad 80s music? Me neither.
The Schwarzenegger Dance

Arnie is practicing his tap dancing moves on stage... you've got a perfect opportunity to blow him the fuck away for good!

JKCinema's Weird Movies
these movies will get you castrated
Crazy Jim!

Abstract bullshit - but fuckin' funny. Watch it immediately, it's a JKC classic.
Crazy Jim! II: Puttin' On The Ritz

As if one wasn't enough! In the second one, Jim explores the concepts of death and money or some shit. Puttin' On The Ritz!
Crazy Jim! III: Lime in the Coconut

Jim isn't too crazy about people who don't question. He also has a horrible bellyache. Is there nothing he can take to relieve his bellyache?!
...Caught On Tape...

Short, funny, and brutal. Best of all it makes absolutely no sense. The movie is about exactly what the title says.
Paperbags: SDV Edition

WATCH THIS NOW. This is a JKC classic! BANNED by many popular websites for its offensive nature. WATCH THIS NOW.
The Infamous Bear Joke

The Fr0z/Justin's second collaboration (the first one being Paperbags). If you like Paperbags, you'll like this.
Everything Happens To Me

My definate favorite JKC toon. This is a heartwarming story about a man who spontaneously combusts all the time.
Axel Foley's Theme

It's a tale of love and loss. Based on a true story.

JKCinema's Short Movies
midgets suck, but these movies don't

Smoker: A Short Movie
Old Lady Gets Killed
F Cupid
Be My Valentine
Wedding Pictures
Vicane's Concession Speech
Texas XMas Carol
Porno Monkey: REMD Style
Ted Stand: Vietnam Vet

JKCinema's Political Movies
bush is a pussy

Those Were The Days

Dubya sings his heart out with Adolf Hitler! See the two butt-buddies play the theme to All in the Family.
GOP Convention Slideshow

A clever little slideshow of pictures from 2000's GOP convention with captions. Watch it if you hate the GOP.
Bush's First Day

What went on during Bush's first day in office? Well - he met with Queenie, Abe Lincoln, George Washington... watch this.
Fool Me Once

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, Colin, "The Re-re" - They're all here! Is the speech at the end unedited? Yes. And it's embarassing.

JKCinema's Political Games
play with our bush

Dubya Dressup

Dubya's retarded so he needs you to dress him. There's KKK outfits, clown noses, diapers, and more!

JKCinema's Parody Movies

GAP Models DIE

What went on behind the scenes of those GAP commercials a few years back? Find out, you little slut!
Regis and Ronald Reagan

A little parody of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire starring the brain dead Ronald Reagan!
Zombie Movie

Zombies have attacked!!! I *think* See what happens when our two SWAT team "heros" are faced with a horror dilema.
The Three Stooges

Three zany assholes: bin Laden, Atta, and Saddam on all kinds of fuckin wacky adventures. Pull the string.
Bring It On, You Sonofabitch

Gear up for some cheering... with extreme prejudice. The next summer blockbuster is Arnold Schwarzenegger as Torrence in "Bring It On, You Sonofabitch"
Kodak Moments

I just hate M Night Shyamalan. This may be one of my favorite toons this year. Oh! And the "cum in his own face" thing... well, that happened to me. Watch eet now!

Miscellaneous Games and Movies
Ask Lulu and everythang else

JKC Music Video Director

Direct your own music video from the Beastie Boys. Includes real footage from their video you can mix.
Mi Furst Movee

Sanjo's first movie!! He spent 15 years working on it. Funded by Pepsi Co. and distributed by
Springtime Luv

Sanjo's SECOND movie!! This touching epic about love and loss will tug at your heart puppets.

September 2000

November 19, 2000 (The Lost Lulu Episode)

November 27, 2000

January 15, 2001

February 4, 2001

March 7, 2005

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