About JKCinema

JKCinema started in 1997 as a small website on AOLs nazi servers. The first flash produced was Kill the GAP Models. It was loved by many!

In 2000, JKCinema.com was born. It featured interactive Rants, flash games and movies (Dickens was created around this time), and some other stuff I don't remember.

Later on JKC2 was introduced. It featured a section where hardcore fans could upload stories and articles - basically add their own flavor to the site. Paperbags was a story written by a "Basement dweller."
The Dump was an important section of JKC2. It was a file exchange system where people can upload or download MP3s, videos, graphics, and flash. And of course, the JKC flash library grew with games and movies like Multiplayer Hangman, Psychic Stevie, Ask Lulu (an email answering nutcase), etc.

Now we're back to square one. JKCinema has gone back to its roots as a simple flash entertainment site. I had some big plans for JKC3, but they're not going to happen because running a big website isn't simple anymore.

I still hope you hang around. There's a lot of funky shit lurking around here.

UPDATE: More history. JKCinema was down for almost two whole months thanks to domain problems. People thought the site was gone forever, but it came back, in full glory, on 8/27/2003. No one cares.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Even more history. JKCinema was down for 154 years thanks to domain problems. People thought the site was gone forever, but it came back, in full glory, on 1/3/2004. And still no one cares.

ANOTHER ANOTHER UPDATE: JKC Radio launches in September of 2006 and ends in April of 2007.

ANOTHER ANOTHER ANOTHER UPDATE: Even MORE history. JKCinema was down since 2015 but came back, in full glory, when it was half-assedly rebooted on this website in 2018. And what do you know? STILL no one cares.


About Roy Burns, The Creator of JKCinema

The Beginning
JKCinema.com creator Roy Burns was born in 1924 in Switzerland at a morphine party. His father Sir Hanky Burns was a man-whore and his mother Barbara Bush was just a regular whore. As a weekly ritual of family bonding, the loving parents would put their cigarettes out in Roy's eyes while smacking him repeatedly in the left ear.

By the age of 2, Roy was masturbating regularly to fatties on the internet (which at the time was powered by gerbils).

Roy Burns
Age 2

On Star Search
Age 14
The Wonder Years
Roy Burns' teenage years were filled with discovery and promise. He appeared on the hit TV show Star Search numerous times as a song and dance man. Johnny Carson molested him big time.

Unfortunately by the year 1993 (when Roy was 13), the Gong Show went off the air. It seemed no one wanted a song and dance man anymore. Johnny Carson retired soon after.


Golfin' J
In 1962, on his 21st birthday, Roy Burns changed his name to Justin and became a professional golfer. He had a very peculiar golf style: after every hole, he's blow the course up and rape and crucify the caddies. Because of this odd style of play, people referred to him as Golfin' J.

A year later, in 1978, Justin's golf career was over. He decided to focus on making fun of retards and midgets so he created JKCinema. Some folks reckon there's still a couple thousand versions of JKCinema.com roaming the streets of Switzerland.

Roy Burns
Age 21